The Romanian Christmas Songs Concert

The Romanian Christmas Songs Concert

A project uniting Christmas spirit, culture, tradition and charity with music

The Romanian Christmas Songs Concert (rom. “Concert de Colinde Românești”) is a project organised by Rotary Club Cetățuie every year in December, right about Christmas time. This charity event brings a new perspective to the traditional religious Romanian Christmas songs by artistically combining them with opera music. 

The concert brings together on the stage of Auditorium Maximum soloists of the Romanian National Opera, the Cappella Transylvanica Choir and the Transylvania State Philharmonic Orchestra under the magic wand of the maestro Cornel Groza. The music is orchestrated and edited by the composer Cristian Bence-Muk. 

To encourage young talents and to promote the Romanian Christmas tradition even more, the concert starts with an artistic moment offered by the VIP children choir under the guidance of maestro Anca-Mona Mariaș.

Rotary Club Cetățuie and Rotaract Club Cluj-Napoca Cetățuie working together

As this is a project organised by our main sponsor, Rotary Club Cetățuie, our members are offering all the additional support needed for bringing the event to life. Therefore, we help with the promotion of the event, both online and offline. We also give a hand with the logistics before and after the concert.

A glimpse at the last edition

In December 2019 the 4th edition took place and it was sold out. All the money raised from this project was donated, as every year, to Christiana Association that takes care of elderly people.