Story time: ,,Deal with Santa Clause’’

Story time: ,,Deal with Santa Clause’’

This winter, the Rotaract Cluj-Napoca Cetățuie team decided to help Santa Claus, so in the week 13-19th of December 2021, the whole team mobilised within the three winter projects entitled Story time: ,,Deal with Santa Clause’’.

Santa’s messengers

The first project was called “Santa’s messengers”, and those who enjoyed our help were the orphans from the family house named Sfântul Nicolae in Târșa, Transylvania, Hunedoara County.

These children are in the care of the priest from that village, a very humane priest who takes great care of these children. They all go to school in the village and the eldest teen took as an example the priest who takes care of him and his friends, so he decided he will continue his studies at the Faculty of Theology in Alba Iulia. Our colleague Traian helped us a lot in this project, being the person who connected us with the village priest.

In this project, each child wrote a letter to Santa. The members of the Rotaract Cluj-Napoca Cetățuie club were Santa Claus this time and each of us chose a letter and did our best to give the children what they wished for Christmas. In addition, we decided to offer them some board games so that these children can make closer connections with each other over the next few years.

Presents for children from their letter to Santa Claus

Gift Karting 

With the help of children and parents from PrichiLand Kindergarten from Floresti (Cluj-Napoca) who were kind enough to put little by little to make others happy, they, as every Christmas year, prepared gifts that were to be be sent to the Recovery Center – Community Complex of Services for Children with Disabilities within DGASPC Cluj. We managed to deliver a total of 50 Christmas presents to the children in this center in Cluj-Napoca. Of course they were more than blessed to see that Santa is thinking of them too. 

The 4×4 Mission

In our last project of that week in which we did our best to help Santa Claus to fulfill his mission, we made a fundraiser through which we appealed to all people close to us. Twelve families from Lesu, Bistrita-Nasaud County, benefited from this fundraiser. The families we helped are disadvantaged families, families who live far from the village. One of the people we helped confirmed that he travels twelve kilometers every day to take his children to school. From that money we bought food, clothes and sweets. The route to get there was so difficult to ride that we called our friends to help with their off-road vehicles.