“Rotary Plantează” – a local tree planting initiative

“Rotary Plantează” – a local tree planting initiative

As the city grows bigger by the day, the places one can wander in nature around Cluj-Napoca become narrow. The strong impact of the urban area on the environment becomes more visible and leaves less green spaces to enjoy.

The 14th of November 2020, Cluj-Napoca. A late sunny autumn morning in the capital of Transylvania, where at the periphery of the city a few people start to gather. Rotarians together with Rotaractors and other volunteers come together to plant beeches and locust trees. 

The initiative came from Rotary Cluj Cluj-Napoca Cetatuie with the goal of enriching the green areas around the town. We happily decided to offer a hand and, respecting the safety restrictions brought by the pandemic, managed to bring the surroundings near the industrial park Tetarom III back to life. 

Activities like these show us that little things matter and teach us something about being active and responsible citizens. It is mainly our duty to improve the communities in which we live, so by taking part in such initiatives we encourage and support the social responsibility each of us has to leave a good mark. 

We are happy to have helped our Rotary friends and aim at organizing more activities as such in the near future.