Cursa de ratuste

Cursa de ratuste

The Duck Race (rom. Cursa de ratuste) is one of the most fun projects that we have organised nationally, as it includes, you guessed well, rubber ducks. We have organised this project together with all the other Rotaract clubs from Cluj-Napoca.  However, we were not the first, nor the last clubs to organise it in Romania.

History: The story of The Duck Race project in our country started a few years ago, and ever since, many other cities have organised it in their local communities, promoting it through social media, radio and many other channels.

How it works: Before the big event, people can buy ducks for the race by buying online or offline tickets with the same codes as found on the ducks. On the day of the event, all bought ducks are set free on a river and they are left to float until they reach the finish line. Organisers are waiting there to catch the winning ducks! There are multiple prizes each year for top 3, top 10, or top 20 winning ducks.

Goal: The goal of this project is to raise funds from selling tickets or rubber ducks (other than the ones floating) to be donated to charity causes.

Latest edition: The last edition of this project was held on 1st of June 2019, and it took place on a small river in Cluj-Napoca. We managed to raise 24.000 RON (approx. 4800 EUR) and donated them on medical equipment for food supply in a local hospital.